Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Expanding Miniature oil painting collection.

Since the European network of Galleries, 'Carré D'Artistes' contacted me interested in my work, I have been producing a collection of small oils on board. I've been happy with the results and have generated lots of ideas for bigger paintings to emerge later on. Normally I wouldn't sell my small working sketches which normally don't leave the sketchbook. This means I'm usually very free and experimental not worried about them being too polished, so I'm trying to keep that freedom and life to them even though these will be going to galleries.

It's great to be able to offer original work at such an affordable price. The sizes and prices will be as follows:

10cm £59
15cm £98
20cm £162
30cm £298

I took my first 2 10cm square studies to my framer Ian Kenny in Hamilton. The Images at the top show what a great job he did. I told him to frame it to the best standard he could, so he used:

Gallery-gold frame : Archivally shadow-float mounted : Hand painted bevel detail : Museum grade uv Waterwhite glass

The little studies, once framed, came in at £195 and both sold to a quick customer the same day.

So the popularity of these studies does mean that some will end up in my usual Scottish outlets. So nip in, choose a frame for it and take it home for an affordable price. Alternatively you could pick one up online by checking my facebook page (link on the border of this blog). Just leave me a note on the image you like and I'll reply with a link to a buying page and have it delivered unframed at no extra cost!

I'll be sending out a tweet when work is delivered to the galleries, so make sure to follow @scottnaismith or check my twitter feed on the home page of my website.


Rob Mackay said...

Minatures are one of my favourites in painting. Scott you are a truly talented artist who captures the moment and the many corners of Scotland You have inspired me to push the envelope. In the past I have experimented with minature watercolor. I am inspired to return to oil painting. The energy in your work is electric that draws the viewer in with vibrant colors Keep up the great work

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